Improve Business Efficiency With a Bespoke Software Solution

We help small and medium sized business owners like you improve the day to day running of your business by providing custom built software solutions to meet your requirements.

If you find yourself in the position where you’ve looked around for an off the shelf solution and nothing fits the bill, it may be that you are looking for a custom built software solution to help you with the day to day running of your business.

We can help solve that problem by providing you with a tailored solution, built to your requirements and specification. Our software solutions are:

  • Browser based – accessible via a standard web browser, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere
  • Avoids bloated functionality – ensuring that only the relevant and required functionality is built into your solution
  • Secure, GDPR compliant – our software gives high priority to security and GDPR, ensuring that data is encrypted and stored to meet regulations.
  • Intuitive UI – the user interface is easy to follow and use
  • Third party integration – your solution can integrate with other systems within your business.
  • Mobile accessible – should you have a requirement for your solution to be accessible whilst on the move, your software can be built to work on mobile devices.
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Recent software development projects

Shopify integration with warehouse system for uniform retailer

Salonwear Direct and Uniforms for Healthcare utilise a Shopify e-commerce website to sell their products. This compliments their warehouse system, which is linked via a custom built integration platform which passes order information between the systems and also updates stock levels from multiple suppliers on a daily basis.

Customer database for finance company

A customer database solution allows Optima Finance to collect and store details of their customers and their finance applications, including running reports and sending out PDF letters. The software is also secured by ensuring it is only accessible internally within the business.

Lead allocation software for mortgage broker

A lead allocation tool allows Mortgage 1st to capture enquiries via their website and automate the allocation of leads to their team of advisors, ensuring that not only are leads allocated fairly amongst the team, but that they are also allocated to the right advisors based on criteria selected in the enquiry form.

The tool also has an API allowing third parties to feed lead data into the system for allocation.

Customer portal for downloading and paying invoices

A customer portal allows customers of Peninsula Business Services to self-serve by downloading copy invoices, setting up direct debits and making online card payments for outstanding bills.

The tool also integrates with their internal systems via automated data uploads, and also provides daily reports of activity.

Interested in talking to us?

Book a free, 15 minute call with a member of our team to discuss your requirements and to see how we can help you.