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E-ticketing solutions are in abundance, and selling tickets for conferences and events is offered by numerous providers. However, the difference is that a lot of these providers only offer very basic ticketing software. You select your tickets, enter your contact details and complete your purchase.

Whilst that may be sufficient enough for most, some event organisers want to capture more specific and detailed information from each attendee. Our customisable platform allows you to capture additional, bespoke information when an attendee purchases a ticket. For example, if you are selling tickets for a conference, you may want delegates to select which workshops they wish to attend, or whether they want to attend the conference dinner or not.

Customisation is what makes our solution stand out, amongst other benefits:

  • Customisable data capture forms – specify the data you want to capture when an attendee purchases a ticket
  • Unlimited ticketing price points and options
  • Discounting options to offer discounts to certain attendees
  • Data export tools to enable you to format and process the data however you see fit
  • Collect payments by debit and credit card whilst also offering an invoice option
  • Free setup – we simply charge a small fee per ticket sold
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    Our work

    Sheffield Hallam Festival of Education

    Sheffield Hallam University’s Festival Education brings together teachers and academics from across the country to discuss hot topics in today’s world of education.

    As well as being commissioned to build and maintain the festival website, Agile were also required to provide our e-ticketing platform to enable festivalgoers the opportunity to purchase tickets quickly and easily.

    FACE Conference

    Established in 1993, FACE is a UK-wide network for those involved and concerned with access, continuing education and lifelong learning. As a multi-sector network, FACE and its members are at a the forefront of the challenges involved in providing lifelong learning opportunities.

    Working closely with Sheffield Hallam University’s events team, we were asked to provide our e-ticketing platform to allow delegates to register for the 2019 conference being held in Sheffield.

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